E.Tech provides following 5 services, and more ......

Reverse Logistics Service

In HongKong, E.Tech is one of the largest reverse supply chian managemnt services provider for IT and electronic industry sector. we are offering global coverage end-to-end one stop solution,our intergraded services designed to fit our customer's unique requirements and to minimize their cost, but also to maximize all asset's value,those assets included following should be consided to use our services;

  • Products that have failed but can be repaired or reused.
  • Products that are obsolete but still have vlue
  • Products that are unable to sale or called back

ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) Service

E.Tech is one extremely dependable IT assets management and disposal company, we are confidently comply with all industry necessary compliance and government regulation requirements,these allowed us to offer our clients secure and certified ITAD services, but also through our experience service is able to simply whole process to minimize cost and maximize all asset's value,from guarantee data destruction,asset remarketing,commodities recovery, we are able to customize unique ITAD services to meet our client's business need and make you peace of mind.

  • IT Equipment Decommissioning
  • Data Erasing and Destruction
  • Resale Used IT equipment
  • E-Waste Recycling

Electronic & Nonferrous Scrap Recycling

E.Tech has expertise in electronic and nonferrous scrap recycling industry, we been in this industry for more than 20 years, We provide one stop closed-loop recycling solution and transparency in tracking, recycling and how hazardous materials are disposed, our services are cost-effective, environmentally, responsibility suit to all collectors and recyclers, school, hospital, bank, small businesses, nonprofits, original equipment manufacturers, enterprise, governments and municipalities.

Our facility are capable of handling wide range of nonferrous and ferrous scrap metals, through our more than 20 years of expertise, we are able to handle any job for your business, and we also buy material from metal scrap dealer in locally and internationally.

  • Hammer-milling /Shredding
  • Eddy Current /optical Sorting
  • Copper Chopper line
  • Copper Smelting

Precious Metal Refining &Copper Foundry

We offer eco-efficent reclaim and refining services for copper and precious metals from end of life equipment, scrap components etc.

Our Innovative technology of copper smelting plant are 100% using clean green solar electricity power,this operation allows us to make 99.9% copper ingot from copper bearing and e-scrap, through our extensive global network,We sale our copper ingot and precious metal,put them back in the cycle for a better life.

Electronic Components Recovery, Reuse, Recycling

E.Tech is specialize in recovery, reuse, recycling variety of semiconductor components, which are coming from end of life electronic equipment, obsolete electronic component etc. Our expertise plus investment in advanced equipment, we refurbish those components by dismantling, thermal reflowing, testing, repairing and remarketing used components to maximize return on investment and minimizes environmental impact.